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Spinner Rigs

JB Lures is known for our Spinner Rigs. We pride ourselves in the quality of our rigs. We have some of the most well know and highest producing rigs out there, inculding: Ventilators, Pro Flash, Montana, and More!

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Ice Fishing Tackle

Who doesn't have a Gem-N-Eye or Weasel in their ice fishing box!? We carry some of the most iconic and widely used jigs on the market! This year we will be featuring GoldBack versions of both!

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Tungsten Jigs

Perfect for chasing panfish, perch, whitefish, or anything else that requires fast drops and a small presentation! Includes: Dub'l D and Weevils.

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Panfish Jigs

Our Panfish Jigs are great in both open water and ice! Including: Rabbit Hair, Tiny Tickl'rs and more!

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Jigging Spoons

The most popular ice fishing lures of all time. Jigging spoons vary in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. We carry a wide variety of options for you including: Weasels, Big Max, and more!

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Bass, Pike, and Musky

Like chasing around bass or toothy critters? We have a variety of different spinnerbaits, big game rigs and more for you!

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JB Lures has a wide variety of slip bobbers, clip on bobbers, fish house floats, and lighted bobbers!

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Looking for replacement blades, bottom bouncers, bobber stops and more? We have what you need!

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Looking Classic and Specialty Jigs, Mission Tackle Has them all!