Why are spinners effective?

Why are spinners effective?
When the waters warm up spinner rigs become very effective and versatile for covering large areas of water in search of walleyes.  The guys from "lakeofthewoodsmn.com" explain why spinner rigs are very effective for walleyes well by saying:

"Why are spinners for walleyes so effective?  A lot of reasons, the flash of the blade.  The different color combinations of the beads and blades.  The vibration of the spinner is sensed by the walleyes lateral line much like that of the prey they feed.  You can put crawlers, minnows, leeches and plastics on a harness."

Covering water while creating an attractive presentation is a very effective approach to targeting both numbers and quality.  Presentations for spinner rigs can very based upon the depth, speed, and bottom structure that you are fishing. 

There are an enormous amount of locations that spinner rigs are viable. Whether you’re looking for suspended fish, transitioning to mid-lake structures, or along rock spines where other options would not struggle to snag. However, where JB finds spinner rigs shine the most is in and along the weed edge. With a light 1/8th bottom bouncer, or a simple bullet weight, and paired with either a crawler, leech, or even a minnow, you have yourself a simple and deadly setup.

Speed Trolling Over Weed Beds:
During the early mornings and evenings walleyes will slide up the water column and drop-offs to feed on baitfish that find shelter in the weed beds.  A common use for spinner rigs up here in Northern Minnesota is speed trolling (usually 1.2-1.6 mph) over and through the tops of weed beds.  Rigged usually with a sliding weight above a swivel that connects to the spinner rig tipped with a nightcrawler has been working constantly to put fish in the boat for us this summer.

Deep Water Structure and Mud Flats:
In addition to the typical walleye bite windows of the early morning and evening, deep water structure and mudflats will typically hold fish all day long.  These fish tend to be more spread out and laying low, which is why the ability to cover water with spinner rigs becomes very effective.  The most common presentation is using a bottom bouncer and spinner rig combination.  Watch the video at the top for tips on setting up this rig!

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