JB Lures Introduces Two New Tungsten Jig Options

JB Lures Introduces Two New Tungsten Jig Options

JB Lures of Bemidji, MN has introduced two different Tungsten Ice Jigs available now for the upcoming ice season.

The first new model is in the Tungsten Dub’l D series of Tungsten baits.  The new #2 size Dub’l D is the being made specifically for the walleye market.  Virtually all Tungsten Jigs on the market feature too small of a hook to be effective for the walleye angler.  The #2 Dub’l D features a Mustad #2 hook which has a wider gap than what is currently available on the market. This results in better hookups and allows an angler to effectively fish with larger minnows than with other options. 

The Dub’l D #2 is 30% more dense than a lead jig, and it comes weighing in at a hefty 1/8 oz. This offers a faster fall rate and more sensitivity for deep water angling. Winter walleye anglers haven’t taken advantage of Tungsten the way panfish anglers have, frankly because they haven’t had the right jig to fish with.  The Dub’l D #2 offers the walleye angler an option they previously haven’t had, and it will work for both ice and open water angling.


The second new model is the Tungsten Spin Drop. The Spin Drop has been in the JB Lures line up for many years, but the time has come to offer the Spin Drop in Tungsten. The lure features a tiny propeller blade on the front of the lure. The blade is fully adjustable to be able to change the ease of how it will turn. The blade offers flash and vibration not available on other Tungsten offerings. The Tungsten Spin Drop is available in size #8 and #10 hooks, and it is available in six glowing, fish catching colors. The Tungsten Spin Drop is highly effective for Bluegills, Crappies, Perch, Trout, and other Panfish Species.

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