The last twelve months have been somewhat surreal to probably many of us.  We have had to deal with the COVID virus, from social distancing, to isolating from others, with almost large group activities cancelled.  We have also had to deal with a great deal of political and social unrest in our society.  Quite frankly, the news, regardless of what forum you get it from, it pretty depressing most days.  

During this time period, the sport of fishing, like many other outdoors sports has flourished.  Angler participation is way up, and we have lots of newcomers to the sport.  Companies such as ours have experienced great demand for products, and have struggled to keep up with what consumers are buying.  Much of this is due to the fact that fishing is a sport that could easily be done during the COVID restrictions.  With ballgames, concerts, fairs, and so many other things cancelled, many people chose to fish as one of their primary choices of recreation. 

 The great thing about fishing is that it crosses some many barriers.  Quite frankly, the fish don’t care what age, gender, race, or income level you are! While fishing has been popular during the COVID pandemic, I think there is another reason people are fishing in record numbers.  That is, fishing is the great escape.  When I am on the water, I am not concerned about all the bad news the media insists on trying to drown us with.  Political agendas, social unrest, and riots aren’t on my mind.  I am simply trying to match my wits against a fish.  Somedays I come out pretty good, somedays frustrate me, but the bottom line is that I was able to spend some time on the water that the Good Lord created, and that alone is enough to be thankful for.  

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