“Pro-Lazer” Spinner Bait 3/8 oz.

JB Lures


These spinner baits are among the top-quality spinner baits on the market. The heads are either nickel or gold plated to assure a long-lasting finish appearance. The skirts are hand tied with wire and are made of the finest round-legged living rubber material available. This round rubber separates in the water and the colors are more vibrant. The touch-of-tinsel in some of the skirts, unique painted patterns, and the prism-tape detailing on the main blade make a very effective combination. The "Pro-Lazers" 3/8 oz. have a #5 Willow Blade,#2 Colorado Blade and a #4/0 Hook.

Collections: Open Water Tackle

Category: Open Water FIshing, Spinner Bait

Type: Spinner Bait

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