Weasel with “Glo-Bones”

JB Lures


One of JB Lures originals, the Weasel is a hand soldered willow shaped Verticle Jigging Spoon. Drops fast and has a darting action when jigged. Weasels have a Hammered Nickel back and are now equiped with a “Glo-Bones” sticker for extra attraction which triggers more bites. 

The Glo-Bones sticker paired with glow paint creates a unique Multi-Color Glow. The paint on the spoon glows the color of the paint itself, while the “Glo-Bones”glow a super bright green glow. A must in your ice fishing arsenal. Go Kick Some Fin!!!!!!!!!! 

Collections: Ice Fishing, Jigging Spoon

Category: Ice Fishing, Jigging Spoon

Type: Jigging Spoons

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