Field Staff Opportunity 2019

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Greetings Eager Fisherman! 

We are finally ready to start the temporary “Not Named Spoon” field testing promotion. This is an opportunity for you to field test a brand new JB spoon this ice season! If you are actively out ice fishing, we would love to have you testing out these spoons for us!

How the program works

If you can pass all of the requirements, which are below, you will first need to fill out an application. Then, once your application is accepted, we will send out two completely free of charge spoons. At this point all you need to do is fish the heck out of these for us!(And take pictures)

Come the end of ice fishing season, we will require that you fill out a questionnaire basically going over your experiences with the spoon and suggestions. We would really love for you to share pictures of fish caught on the new spoon at that time also, so keep that in mind while you are fishing. Take lots of pictures!

Once your questionnaire and pictures have been submitted, there is nothing else we need from you. Keep the spoons and who knows, you might even get some more free goodies!

More FREE Stuff???

While just doing this promotion gets you a few free spoons, there are more ways to earn cool stuff while fishing with the spoons.

1.) We will select three people to give stocking hats and sweatshirts to based on pictures submitted of fish caught on the new spoon. Ideally, these pictures of fish would show the spoon in/hanging out of their mouth.

2.) You will have the opportunity to suggest a name for this jigging spoon. That is why right now it is going by “Not Named Spoon”. If we select your suggestion for a name, we will send you a $100 JB Tackle Package!


1.) Must be one of the first 100 people to submit an Application – A link to the application is below, along with instructions.

2.) Must be an avid ice fisherman – The more time these new spoons are fished, the better!

3.) Must have a cell phone capable of taking pictures or a camera that you can take fishing – We are confident that this spoon will catch fish, and we want you to be able to share those fish pictures with us!

4.) Must complete the form/questionnaire we send you after we have accepted your application – This form will give us a good understand of your experience fishing with the spoon(Reports, Suggestions, Spoon Name Ideas).

5.) Must have fun and hopefully catch a bunch of fish!

The Application

The link for the application is below. Please follow along with the instructions to make this easy for you and for us. This works best on a computer, the instructions are designed for a computer or tablet with Excel.

Application Instructions:

1.) Click the link below.

2.) In the top right corner there should be three dots ( … ) Click on those dots.

3.) Once the three dots are selected, click “Download”.

4.) Find the Excel document that you just downloaded. It should be named “Application”. Open the document.

5.) Once the document is open, you may need to “Enable Editing”. If you need to, there will be a yellow bar across the top telling you this.

6.) Complete the application.

7.) Once completed, save the document somewhere easy to find(Desktop).

8.) Submit your completed application via email to at Please use “Not Named Spoon” as the subject line on the email to insure we do not miss your application.

Click here to download your Application


Thank you to everyone that participates in this promotion. We look forward to working with all of you!

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