New “Sickel Spoon” for Ice Season 16-17

November 11th, 2016 · 4 Comments

Welcome Fishermen

Many of us living in the Midwest are preparing for ice fishing and patiently waiting for the arrival of cold weather. With as nice of weather as we have been having it’s hard to imagine getting out on the ice, but it will be here before you know it. In preparation to the ice season ahead of us  JB Lures is excited to announce the latest addition to our ice line, The “Sickel Spoon”!

New "Sickel Spoon"

The 6 Available Colors in the New “Sickel Spoon”

The “Sickel Spoon”

JB Lures created a must-have new jig/jigging spoon crossover to add to your fishing gear this winter, The “Sickel Spoon”. The Sickel Spoon comes in two sizes 1/16 oz. and 1/8 oz. and six great fish-catching colors, pictured to the left.


If you are familiar with the Gem-n-Eye, the Sickel Spoon also is individually hand soldered one at a time.  Very high quality lure with a bend in the middle, a Sickle Hook soldered in on the blade, with a colored bead for extra attention, and a split ring added for best possible action.

Action and Bait:

On the drop the Sickel Spoon will fall slowly and do some gliding. On the rise is where the action comes into play. The Sickel Spoon also is a great open water fish catching machine. Using a slow retrieve gives the spoon a swimming/wobbling action which when tipped with a minnow hooked in the head or lips  is deadly on shallow water Walleye.

Tipped with piece of crawler, waxworm or plastic does wonders on panfish. Add a split shot about 18” above the lure on your line to gain depth if necessary. Be sure to add the JB Sickel spoon to your fishing arsenal this season. One of my favorite lures year around!

Stop in to your nearest sports shop or order the Sickel Spoon online!

Checkout the Sickel Spoon and the rest of our Ice Fishing Products here

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Tom Langhoff  CEO JB Lures Inc.

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4 responses to “New “Sickel Spoon” for Ice Season 16-17”

  1. Tim Smith says:

    Tommy were can I get these at have not seen them on the shelf yet in Willmar bud love your products

    • admin says:

      They should be getting on the shelves of big box stores now. Walmart, Mills Fleet Farm, Scheels, Etc. They are also available right here on our website. Thanks

  2. Steve Reid sr says:

    Is there a video of this jigged vertically?

    Id like to see one.
    God Bless

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