Ice Recap and Looking Ahead

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Wow! What an unusual ice season it has been. Still I’ve heard stories of great fishing in certain areas. Many of us look forward to getting out on the ice and enjoying the sport of Ice Fishing. JB Lures manufactures a strong line of ice fishing tackle. Right now the Ice Sickel Jig is the hottest lure in my tackle box. We have several weeks of great panfishing left this season.

Great photo shared by Team Walleye Slayerz!

Great photo shared by Team Walleye Slayerz!

The Walleye Slayerz, a great bunch of young aggressive ice fishermen, are finding lots of multispecies in various locations. Be sure to check out their site for fishing reports, pictures, videos, and fishing events!

Team Walleye Slayerz Site

Hot Lures right now are the JB Gem-n-Eyes, Ice Sickel Jigs, Hot Heads, and Big Max. If you’re looking for a jigging lure the Rattling Varmit and Big Bad Bo are a great choice.



Beautiful Walleye caught on a JB Rattling Varmit.

Beautiful Walleye caught on a JB Rattling Varmit.


I even use the Big Bad Bo when vertical jigging on open water. When tipped with wax-worms or a minnow head you never know what will be enticed to take a bite on the Big Bad Bo. The addition of a small flicker blade seems to attract many varieties of fish. Big Bad Bo comes in two sizes 1/8 oz and 1/16 oz, with an assortment of eight great fishcatching colors.  So, don’t leave Big Bad Bo in your ice tackle box. Bring him along this summer when your vertical jigging, he’s a clever little fellow!

Check out our Ice Tackle Here!

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As Always It’s Our Pleasure Going Fishing With You!

Tom Langhoff

CEO JB Lures inc.

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