Field Staff Opportunity 2019

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Greetings Eager Fisherman! 

We are finally ready to start the temporary “Not Named Spoon” field testing promotion. This is an opportunity for you to field test a brand new JB spoon this ice season! If you are actively out ice fishing, we would love to have you testing out these spoons for us!

How the program works

If you can pass all of the requirements, which are below, you will first need to fill out an application. Then, once your application is accepted, we will send out two completely free of charge spoons. At this point all you need to do is fish the heck out of these for us!(And take pictures)

Come the end of ice fishing season, we will require that you fill out a questionnaire basically going over your experiences with the spoon and suggestions. We would really love for you to share pictures of fish caught on the new spoon at that time also, so keep that in mind while you are fishing. Take lots of pictures!

Once your questionnaire and pictures have been submitted, there is nothing else we need from you. Keep the spoons and who knows, you might even get some more free goodies!

More FREE Stuff???

While just doing this promotion gets you a few free spoons, there are more ways to earn cool stuff while fishing with the spoons.

1.) We will select three people to give stocking hats and sweatshirts to based on pictures submitted of fish caught on the new spoon. Ideally, these pictures of fish would show the spoon in/hanging out of their mouth.

2.) You will have the opportunity to suggest a name for this jigging spoon. That is why right now it is going by “Not Named Spoon”. If we select your suggestion for a name, we will send you a $100 JB Tackle Package!


1.) Must be one of the first 100 people to submit an Application – A link to the application is below, along with instructions.

2.) Must be an avid ice fisherman – The more time these new spoons are fished, the better!

3.) Must have a cell phone capable of taking pictures or a camera that you can take fishing – We are confident that this spoon will catch fish, and we want you to be able to share those fish pictures with us!

4.) Must complete the form/questionnaire we send you after we have accepted your application – This form will give us a good understand of your experience fishing with the spoon(Reports, Suggestions, Spoon Name Ideas).

5.) Must have fun and hopefully catch a bunch of fish!

The Application

The link for the application is below. Please follow along with the instructions to make this easy for you and for us. This works best on a computer, the instructions are designed for a computer or tablet with Excel.

Application Instructions:

1.) Click the link below.

2.) In the top right corner there should be three dots ( … ) Click on those dots.

3.) Once the three dots are selected, click “Download”.

4.) Find the Excel document that you just downloaded. It should be named “Application”. Open the document.

5.) Once the document is open, you may need to “Enable Editing”. If you need to, there will be a yellow bar across the top telling you this.

6.) Complete the application.

7.) Once completed, save the document somewhere easy to find(Desktop).

8.) Submit your completed application via email to at Please use “Not Named Spoon” as the subject line on the email to insure we do not miss your application.

Click here to download your Application


Thank you to everyone that participates in this promotion. We look forward to working with all of you!

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New Ice Product 2018-19 and MUCH More……

December 18th, 2018 · 7 Comments

Killer new JB Products!

The 2018-2019 Ice fishing season is upon us, and with that comes the excitement of FINALLY getting the new products we have worked on so long and hard into the hands of our customers. Many people may not realize it but, when new product hits the shelf/the web; it has been in the works for a minimum of a year prior to its release, if not closer to two years in most cases. Below we will share with you some of the new items we are excited about for this season and some projects we are working on. So read on!

When it comes to making new ice fishing products, it has become more and more difficult to create something truly new and innovative. Let’s face it, there can only be so many types of jigging spoons and tungsten jigs. The market seems to be flooded with “New” companies and lures in the ice fishing market.

This is why JB Lures strives to create new and unique products year round.


The new Glo-Bones series by JB Lures is as unique as it gets. In this case, the name says it all; we have tooled up a glow in the dark fish bones sticker exclusive to JB Lures. Beyond the addition of this super cool and super bright Glo-Bone decal, we have added a brand new style of glow paint to these spoons that JB Lures has never done before. This spoon glows the color of the paint itself; pink glows pink, orange glows orange, purple glows purple, etc. We call the combination of the glow paint and Glo-Bones “Multi-Color Glow” because in the dark you see the super bright greenish white glow of the bones backed by the glowing color of the spoon.  The picture says it all, check it out below!

All eight colors of the new "Glo-Bones" Series glowing in the dark!

               All eight colors of the new “Glo-Bones” Series glowing in the dark!

We have applied the “Multi-Color Glow” on two different styles of jigging spoons, the original “Weasel” and the new “Ghost Spoon”.

Weasel Spoon

       Weasel Spoon

Ghost Spoon

         Ghost Spoon

The” Weasel” is a tried and true jigging spoon for ice fishing. It is a hand soldered willow blade paired with a red treble hook. By design it is a darting style spoon, if you drop it down the hole it will glide out to the side just about as far as it goes down.

The “Ghost Spoon” is a uniquely bent, fish shaped,  jigging spoon. Because of its shape and thin design it creates a wounded minnow flutter action flashing both sides of the spoon, which entices fish into striking the bait.

These spoons have put a lot of nice fish top side of the ice already!

                    These spoons have put a lot of nice fish top side of the ice already!


3 Body Sizes

                   3 Body Sizes


The new “Fish House Float” by JB Lures is a never before seen product in the bobber market. This Float is a must have for all ice fisherman, especially while fishing in permanent wheel houses or skid houses. The extra-long 10” stem on the bobber with its fluorescent paint scheme makes it highly visible above the floor from nearly anywhere in the fish house. This bobber will also work great out on the ice as an alternative for a tip up while “hole hopping” The Fish House Float allows fisherman to catch more fish on their rods and reels instead of rattle reels or tip ups!

FHF on ice


Upcoming promotion…… You don’t wanna miss this! FREE TACKLE!

As I had said towards the beginning of this article, it takes a lot of time and preparation to get a new product to market… With that being said we have a new spoon we are excited to get to share with you. But, we are going above and beyond just “sharing” this new spoon with you. We are, for the first time ever, giving you the opportunity to field test our new spoon this season. This is a brand new spoon that will be released for the public during the 2019-2020 ice season BUT you can fish with it now! More info to come on this VERY soon! Stay tuned!

Mystery JIgging spoon


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Inside the Plant “Teardrops”

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JB Lures: Inside the Plant

“Teardrops and The Hand-Soldering Process”

Last week we gave you the inside scoop on Gem-n-Eyes, the original flutter jig, be sure to check out that article if you haven’t already. This week we focus in on one of the Gem-n-Eye’s smaller cousins, the Teardrops. These little panfish killers have been putting fish on the ice for many years, here’s a little behind the scenes.


              The Four Teardrop Series Available                            (Spin-Drop, Candy-Cane, Squiggie, Rain-Glo)  

The Process

I refer to the teardrops as the Gem-n-Eyes smaller cousins because they are both part of the hand soldered family. Teardrops, Gem-n-Eyes, Weasels, Jig-Eyes, Peepers, Eye-Drops, and Spiders are all hand soldered.


What does hand soldering really mean? We touched on soldering when we discussed Gem-n-Eyes last week, but here I hope to really fill the gaps and give you a better understanding of what goes into these products.

Soldering has been done by many different people in many different places over the years.  Tom Langhoff’s wife, Sandy, soldered hundreds of thousands of ice jigs over many years. While soldering there is a smokey fume put off by the solder so you need to have good ventilation. Sandy would solder on a picnic table or in the porch of a cabin on a lake they stayed at when she wasn’t working in their basement set-up. Most of the time soldering was done as piece work at the workers home, they were responsible for having a suitable workplace for soldering.

The soldering now is done by a small tackle manufacturing company, Triple A Tackle MFG.,  located just outside of Winthrop. JB Lures is proud to keep this huge step of manufacturing our ice jigs local and supporting small town people.

Soldering is a very precise and important step to making these ice jigs. On average, each of our items is touched by 8 different peoples hands, soldering alone is 3-4 of those hands.  It all starts with a hook and a blade, whether it’s the Teardrops or Gem-n-Eyes.


             A Pile of Teardrops Before Paint

You start by laying the blades on a specially designed board, you then line up the hook on the blade and clip it in. Depending on the lure there are different boards used to set up. Teardrops hold 40 on a board while Gem-n-Eyes hold 25. One or two people are usually setting up boards while one is soldering. The solderer sits at a counter with a strong-suction vent above it that sucks out any fumes put off by the sticks of solder being melted with the soldering iron. There are also multiple different sizes of soldering irons that can be used depending on the jig. The solderer patiently melts the right amount of solder into the blade to fill it perfectly.

When the solderer is finished with a board the jigs then need to be scraped off the boards and stored in containers. One of the two people setting up are usually in charge of scraping boards off so they never run out of boards to set up. Before the lures are done in the soldering building and ready for paint they need to go through a special acid washing process to take off all of the rosin, which is left over residue which is used to help the solder flow correctly. Now the Teardrops are ready for paint.



#8 Squiggies Waiting to be Epoxied in the                                  Paint Room

Painting starts with someone racking each individual jig in a foam stick, once racked they are ready to be painted. Teardrops along with the rest of JB Lures products are air brushed with a primer, paint, and a super tough epoxy finish. A few Teardrop series involve some hand brushing like the Squiggie and Candy-Cane.  The Spin-Drop receives a prism eye and propeller to finish it off.

Items like Squiggies and Candy-Canes are hand painted by a worker at home. They then come back to the paint room at JB Lures and get the final epoxy finish. Thousands of items are painted each day at JB’s.

Teardrops and the rest of the JB Lures Ice Fishing Products are made to the highest of standards right here in Minnesota. There are many intricate steps to make tackle like ours but that’s what it takes and that is why JB Lures is so proud of everything we sell.

Catching Fish with Teardrops!

The teardrop style is a tried and true lure, and a must have in your tackle box. Four series, three sizes, and six colors, that’s 72 possible options to try out! The #8 and #10 is going to be your go to sizes for crappies, bluegill, and perch. When larger profile jigs and minnows aren’t doing the trick on lethargic fish, downsizing to a #8 or #10 teardrop can put the odds back in your favor.

Teardrops work great tipped with a waxworm, euro larvae, or plastics. The #6 teardrop can be superb when hooking a crappie minnow or fathead under the dorsal fin. For ice fishing the teardrop works great under a bobber or jigging with a spring bobber. During the open water season the teardrop is a good option to fish under a bobber for light biting panfish .

These jigs are extremely versatile, pick up a few and give them a try! They are available on our online store and in most sporting goods stores.


#6 Candy Cane Dorsal Hooked in a Minnow


  Waxworms Presented on a            Spin-drop and Squiggie      


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Inside the Plant “Gem-n-Eye”

December 8th, 2016 · 4 Comments


JB Lures: Inside the Plant

The “Gem-n-Eye”

The original flutter jig, the “Gem-n-Eye”. Perhaps one of the products JB Lures is best known for, the Gem-n-Eye has been around since the start. Few and far between haven’t fished with or at least heard fishing stories about this jig. If I were to have one lure to use year round it would be the Gem-n-Eye, it steadily puts fish on the ice and you can’t go wrong casting and retrieving it with a head or tail hooked minnow. If you have fished it you love it, if you haven’t you need to!

The "Gem-n-Eye"

                        The “Gem-n-Eye”

What Makes a Gem-n-Eye?

When it comes down to it, local hardworking people make the Gem-n-Eye from start to finish.  Here are the steps involved.

The Gem-n-Eye starts as simply a hammered nickel blade and a gold Mustad hook. Those two parts are each hand soldered together. This is a very precise and important part of the process, too much solder will fill the hole in the blade and not enough will expose the hook. We have a great group of young men that solder all of the Gem-n-Eyes, and much more, locally just outside of Winthrop, MN. After each jig is soldered there is a cleaning process to take off left over residue before paint.

Painting starts with someone racking each individual jig in a foam stick, once racked they are ready to be painted. Gem-n-Eyes along with the rest of JB Lures products are air brushed with a primer, paint, and a super tough epoxy finish.  A prism eye and split ring are the finishing touches that bring everything together.

Fishing With a Gem-n-Eye

The 18 Colors of Gem-n-Eyes

               The 18 Colors of Gem-n-Eyes

With three sizes and 18 colors it’s easy to understand why this jig is so versatile. Many of our color options glow which, in many conditions, is essential to put fish on the ice. The #8 Gem-n-Eye is the smallest size we make and it is a great jig for crappies and bluegills. The #6 and #4 Gem-n-Eye are both great for Walleyes.

  • Ice

There are many plastics out there that work great on a Gem-n-Eye but there is something about tipping it with a minnow. Under a slip bobber, whether it’s a #8 for crappies or a #4 for walleyes, when you hook a minnow right behind the dorsal fin this jig turns with each movement the minnow makes flashing between the hammered and painted sides of the jig.

  • Summer

Tom touches on this below in the history however, he and many other fishermen that have tried it agree that the Gem-n-Eye is a game-changer in the summer too. From a lighted slip bobber at night to pitching it from shore or in a river, the Gem-n-Eye is a must have in your tackle box. Because the hook faces up while retrieving there are very few snags along with a great hookset. With a minnow hooked through the head there is a great wobbling action to this jig as it is retrieved or even trolled. Give it a try next summer!

The History Behind “The Original Flutter Jig”, by Tom Langhoff Himself

It was 1988 when JB Lures, a fledgling tackle manufacturing company started soldering up the Gem-n-Eye. Being an unknown name in tackle, JB Lures had a very hard time selling any of the Gem-n-Eyes. Originally made to be used as an ice lure there was no interest in the lure in January and February of 1988. I had fished with the lure myself and found out some of the secrets of the Gem-n-Eye. The large prism eye, the action when jigged with the addition of a split-ring, along with the way it was presented with a minnow hooked under the dorsal fin seemed to call in fish and trigger a bite under a slip bobber.

This was just the beginning, soon as spring came and the ice was off the lakes and rivers more secrets emerged. By pitching the Gem-n-Eye and using a cadence which the fish were adhering to would attract and also trigger bites. Under open water conditions I originally hooked the minnow through the lips but, when the bite became more lethargic hooking the minnow in the tail gave a better hooking percentage.

In the summer of 1988 JB tried to sell Gem-n-Eyes to the launch drivers around Mille Lacs. No one wanted to give them a try. Finally we gave out a card of 12 Gem-n-Eyes to most every launch on the big lake. Soon reports came back of the success the launches were having using the Gem-n-Eye under a slip-bobber for Walleyes. By the fall of 1988 the bait shop owners around Mille Lacs were desperate to order some Gem-n-Eyes and people started using them as soon as the ice was safe that winter. The lure caught on so fast that there were signs in front of bait shops say, “YES WE HAVE GEM-N-EYES”. This warmed up my body on those cold days on the road. Sales were great as was the fishing in those days around the big lake. The word spread and by the following year many of the bait shops in northern Minnesota eagerly placed an early order to make sure Gem-n-Eyes would be delivered before the ice season got under way.

In those days most of the sales were done right out the JB Cargo Van. Soon orders were called in to the plant and we added extra help to produce Gem-n-Eyes, which went out the door as fast as we could get them soldered up, painted, eyed, split ringed and packaged.

In the past 30 plus years of selling JB Tackle I have never seen a JB product hit the market and become as popular as the Gem-n-Eye “The Original Flutter Jig”! For over 30 years this little All American Made lure has been such a great fish-catching machine.


A few of the different paints over                                the years

The Gem-n-Eye has had a lot of different faces, at one point there were 5 sizes two of which were larger than the biggest we sell now, #1/0 and #2. There were two-toned hand brushed paint jobs, transparent paint jobs, airbrushing, and many other paint styles. From five sizes and probably hundreds of colors over the years the Gem-n-Eye has now become the well-known three sizes and 18 outstanding colors.

Now I use the Gem-n-Eyes even more in the open water then on the ice. River fishing becomes easier while fishing an eddy, tributary, slow current or even using as a pitch and slow retrieve along the river bank. The lure rides more flat in the water, and because the hook faces up while retrieving there are very few snags along with a great hookset.

Gem-n-Eyes can usually be found where any other ice tackle is being sold. I hope more Gem-n-Eyes will be used in open water in the future. Numbers have been on the rise for several years, along with our color selection. As of today, we have eighteen colors and three sizes. The weights are very close to 1/8oz with a #4 Hook, 1/16oz with a #6 Hook and a 1/32oz with a #8 Hook. All hooks are gold and yes, they are all still made one at a time right here in Winthrop, Minnesota.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that has supported the American Made company that JB Lures has been and will continue to be! We take great pride in providing high quality fishing tackle made locally in Minnesota. Everyone here at JB Lures is looking forward to another great ice season. This winter be sure to stay safe, have fun, and try out some Gem-n-Eyes!

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New “Sickel Spoon” for Ice Season 16-17

November 11th, 2016 · 4 Comments

Welcome Fishermen

Many of us living in the Midwest are preparing for ice fishing and patiently waiting for the arrival of cold weather. With as nice of weather as we have been having it’s hard to imagine getting out on the ice, but it will be here before you know it. In preparation to the ice season ahead of us  JB Lures is excited to announce the latest addition to our ice line, The “Sickel Spoon”!

New "Sickel Spoon"

The 6 Available Colors in the New “Sickel Spoon”

The “Sickel Spoon”

JB Lures created a must-have new jig/jigging spoon crossover to add to your fishing gear this winter, The “Sickel Spoon”. The Sickel Spoon comes in two sizes 1/16 oz. and 1/8 oz. and six great fish-catching colors, pictured to the left.


If you are familiar with the Gem-n-Eye, the Sickel Spoon also is individually hand soldered one at a time.  Very high quality lure with a bend in the middle, a Sickle Hook soldered in on the blade, with a colored bead for extra attention, and a split ring added for best possible action.

Action and Bait:

On the drop the Sickel Spoon will fall slowly and do some gliding. On the rise is where the action comes into play. The Sickel Spoon also is a great open water fish catching machine. Using a slow retrieve gives the spoon a swimming/wobbling action which when tipped with a minnow hooked in the head or lips  is deadly on shallow water Walleye.

Tipped with piece of crawler, waxworm or plastic does wonders on panfish. Add a split shot about 18” above the lure on your line to gain depth if necessary. Be sure to add the JB Sickel spoon to your fishing arsenal this season. One of my favorite lures year around!

Stop in to your nearest sports shop or order the Sickel Spoon online!

Checkout the Sickel Spoon and the rest of our Ice Fishing Products here

Be sure to Like us on Facebook for more news, updates, and GIVEAWAYS!

Remember, It’s Always Our Pleasure Going Fishing with You!

Tom Langhoff  CEO JB Lures Inc.

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Ice Recap and Looking Ahead

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Wow! What an unusual ice season it has been. Still I’ve heard stories of great fishing in certain areas. Many of us look forward to getting out on the ice and enjoying the sport of Ice Fishing. JB Lures manufactures a strong line of ice fishing tackle. Right now the Ice Sickel Jig is the hottest lure in my tackle box. We have several weeks of great panfishing left this season.

Great photo shared by Team Walleye Slayerz!

Great photo shared by Team Walleye Slayerz!

The Walleye Slayerz, a great bunch of young aggressive ice fishermen, are finding lots of multispecies in various locations. Be sure to check out their site for fishing reports, pictures, videos, and fishing events!

Team Walleye Slayerz Site

Hot Lures right now are the JB Gem-n-Eyes, Ice Sickel Jigs, Hot Heads, and Big Max. If you’re looking for a jigging lure the Rattling Varmit and Big Bad Bo are a great choice.



Beautiful Walleye caught on a JB Rattling Varmit.

Beautiful Walleye caught on a JB Rattling Varmit.


I even use the Big Bad Bo when vertical jigging on open water. When tipped with wax-worms or a minnow head you never know what will be enticed to take a bite on the Big Bad Bo. The addition of a small flicker blade seems to attract many varieties of fish. Big Bad Bo comes in two sizes 1/8 oz and 1/16 oz, with an assortment of eight great fishcatching colors.  So, don’t leave Big Bad Bo in your ice tackle box. Bring him along this summer when your vertical jigging, he’s a clever little fellow!

Check out our Ice Tackle Here!

Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook for more News, Updates, and Giveways!

JB Lures Facebook Page

As Always It’s Our Pleasure Going Fishing With You!

Tom Langhoff

CEO JB Lures inc.

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Shop JB Lures Online!

October 13th, 2014 · 12 Comments

Shop JB Lures Online!

Your source for ice-fishing and open water fishing tackle in Winthrop, MN and across the country.

Welcome to the newly designed website for JB Lures! Based in south central Minnesota, we provide quality tackle to avid fisherman all across the country. Our quality products start with our all-American made tackle, ensuring only the best quality for outdoorsmen. We use the highest grade of assembly materials. From hooks and blades, to beads and lines, each piece of the lure must meet our strict standards.

Our tackle meets a wide variety of needs. Some are completely unique to our company, others are improvements on common lures, and we even make custom tackle for your advertising needs!

We invite you to take a look around our website! Here are quick links to get you started:

JB Lures can “hook” you up with all of your tackle needs! And don’t forget, you can share your wish list with family and friends; it’s the perfect way to let your friends and family know which gifts you’d like to see for your birthday or the next holiday!

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