New Ice Product 2018-19 and MUCH More……

December 18th, 2018 · 7 Comments

Killer new JB Products!

The 2018-2019 Ice fishing season is upon us, and with that comes the excitement of FINALLY getting the new products we have worked on so long and hard into the hands of our customers. Many people may not realize it but, when new product hits the shelf/the web; it has been in the works for a minimum of a year prior to its release, if not closer to two years in most cases. Below we will share with you some of the new items we are excited about for this season and some projects we are working on. So read on!

When it comes to making new ice fishing products, it has become more and more difficult to create something truly new and innovative. Let’s face it, there can only be so many types of jigging spoons and tungsten jigs. The market seems to be flooded with “New” companies and lures in the ice fishing market.

This is why JB Lures strives to create new and unique products year round.


The new Glo-Bones series by JB Lures is as unique as it gets. In this case, the name says it all; we have tooled up a glow in the dark fish bones sticker exclusive to JB Lures. Beyond the addition of this super cool and super bright Glo-Bone decal, we have added a brand new style of glow paint to these spoons that JB Lures has never done before. This spoon glows the color of the paint itself; pink glows pink, orange glows orange, purple glows purple, etc. We call the combination of the glow paint and Glo-Bones “Multi-Color Glow” because in the dark you see the super bright greenish white glow of the bones backed by the glowing color of the spoon.  The picture says it all, check it out below!

All eight colors of the new "Glo-Bones" Series glowing in the dark!

               All eight colors of the new “Glo-Bones” Series glowing in the dark!

We have applied the “Multi-Color Glow” on two different styles of jigging spoons, the original “Weasel” and the new “Ghost Spoon”.

Weasel Spoon

       Weasel Spoon

Ghost Spoon

         Ghost Spoon

The” Weasel” is a tried and true jigging spoon for ice fishing. It is a hand soldered willow blade paired with a red treble hook. By design it is a darting style spoon, if you drop it down the hole it will glide out to the side just about as far as it goes down.

The “Ghost Spoon” is a uniquely bent, fish shaped,  jigging spoon. Because of its shape and thin design it creates a wounded minnow flutter action flashing both sides of the spoon, which entices fish into striking the bait.

These spoons have put a lot of nice fish top side of the ice already!

                    These spoons have put a lot of nice fish top side of the ice already!


3 Body Sizes

                   3 Body Sizes


The new “Fish House Float” by JB Lures is a never before seen product in the bobber market. This Float is a must have for all ice fisherman, especially while fishing in permanent wheel houses or skid houses. The extra-long 10” stem on the bobber with its fluorescent paint scheme makes it highly visible above the floor from nearly anywhere in the fish house. This bobber will also work great out on the ice as an alternative for a tip up while “hole hopping” The Fish House Float allows fisherman to catch more fish on their rods and reels instead of rattle reels or tip ups!

FHF on ice


Upcoming promotion…… You don’t wanna miss this! FREE TACKLE!

As I had said towards the beginning of this article, it takes a lot of time and preparation to get a new product to market… With that being said we have a new spoon we are excited to get to share with you. But, we are going above and beyond just “sharing” this new spoon with you. We are, for the first time ever, giving you the opportunity to field test our new spoon this season. This is a brand new spoon that will be released for the public during the 2019-2020 ice season BUT you can fish with it now! More info to come on this VERY soon! Stay tuned!

Mystery JIgging spoon


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7 responses to “New Ice Product 2018-19 and MUCH More……”

  1. Dwight says:

    Good article, would be nice if one could find and buy the floats.

    • admin says:

      Dwight, thank you! We are back in stock on the Fish House Floats again. They can be found on our website, Scheels, Runnings, L&M Supply, and other small tackle shops.

  2. Kim krenz says:

    Would love to try new spoon on walleyes i usually use a mimic minnow but would love to try it and give feed back.

  3. Reese bellow says:

    I would love to test your new spoon

  4. Phil Carlson says:

    This would be cool

  5. Jonas says:

    Please pick me i ice fish every single day and would love to help text this new lure out!

  6. steven says:

    Those glow spoons look fantastic. That looks like a super hot glow color. I wish they sold your stuff locally. They used to. Not anymore. The firetiger glow is my go to jig of choice anyday.

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